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Access Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance

Vanilla Visa Gift card is provided to all customers to make orders online or via mobile phones. Now you can gift of your choice. To choose this gift card for your love one is best choice gift. It is perfect gift for different events and occasions like birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and lots of other. If you are vanilla gift cardholder then you can access all card services online. You can even check card balance online without paying an extra pay. Here you can see how you can check your card balance.

How To Check Card Balance?

Check Online:

  • Use this link to access gift card services online.
  • On accessing this page, you can see the heading “ Have a vanilla gift card?” and below it see the online form to check your card balance for free.
  • Enter your card number, expiration date, CVV and press the button “Go”.
  • Next see the results of the remaining balance of your gift card.

Customer Service:

  • You can check your card balance via Phone.
  • Dial this number 1-800-571-1376
  • After connecting with customer service you can ask to call operator to check your card balance.
  • Provide your card Number from your card.
  • After that you can get the balance information.

What Is Vanila Gift Card?

It is prepaid visa gift card that you can use at millions of location at U.S and District of Columbia. You can use this gift card where visa and debit card are acceptable for shopping.

How To Make Purchases?

To make order, give your card to the cashier and next sign to receipt or you can press credit option from the keypad. You can choose PIN of you card of your choice to make it secure. And after that you can use this card to make online or in-store payments.

How Can Your Activate Your Card?

On buying your credit card you need to activate your card before making purchases via card. You can activate your card at the time of purchase by providing your card to the cashier. You can sign to the card entering your card number and next choose the PIN for your card of your choice to secure you card from unauthorized access.

Can Your Relaod Your Card?

No, you cannot reload or return your card.

What Billing Information Should I Use To Make Online Purchases?

You can use any billing and personal information by making online order as your personal information is not associated with your card, but be sure that yours provided billing address should be correct that may not make any trouble for merchant.

How Can You Locate Serial Number At Your Card?

You can find serial number at your card at the bottom.

How Can You Return Merchandise?

You can return mechanize products within 30 days and can get cash back into your card.

Benefits Associated With Card?

If you have vanilla visa card then you can enjoy benefits of the card.

  • You can use this card for online shopping to make purchases
  • You can pay at different restaurant to enjoy dinner or lunch there.
  • You can pay at pumps.