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Access Toys R US Gift Card Balance Online

Toys-R-US is one of the leading retailer of baby products and toys which is offering differentiated experience of shopping via its family brands. Besides shopping of baby products it also provides a service of gift card which any one can buy online. Gift cards are of two type standard gift cards and customized gift cards. You can design your own gift card according to your taste and desire. TOYS-R-US also facilitate its customers to check balance online. For more details follow given below instructions.

How to Check Card Balance?

Check Online:

If you are having Toys-R-US gift card and you are looking for balance inquiry then follow given below methods.

  • Open up this URL link and visit home page of website.
  • Enter card number in given field of text. Get this number from gift card.
  • Add Personal Identification Number in next marked field.
  • If you don’t have PIN then make a call at 1-800-TOYSRUS (869-7787) for assistance.
  • Click on button of “Check Balance” which will take you to total amount of balance.

At Stores:

You can check your balance at Toys-R-Us store as well by following given below instructions.

  • Open this Link and access the “Store Locator
  • Enter details of you location such as zip code, name of city, state or street address.
  • Specify the “Search Radius” from drop down menu.
  • Select type of store from available options and click on button of “Find Store”
  • After finding the store visit the store which is near to your place.
  • Access card machine in store and check balance of card.

Customer Support Service:

You can find out about balance of card through customer support service

  • Dial this 1-800-869-7787 through your phone to make a call at Helpline
  • By Listening instructions you have to choose extension of balance inquiry.
  • Add number of gift card and wait for a while you will be informed about balance shortly.

How To Apply For Gift Card?

  • By using this link open website of Toys-R-US
  • Click on option of “Choose a standard gift card”
  • From given options you have to choose any one gift card and click on it.
  • Select total amount which you want to deposit in card.
  • Select personalized or standardized option for gift card
  • Click on button of “continue”
  • Place an order for gift card by providing some details as required.
  • Enter your name, address, name of city, state and country.
  • Add name of recipient and sender along with personalized message in given text box.
  • Click on button of “Continue”
  • Select date of delivery and click on button of “Check out” to get details of payment and finish the Process Of Placing Order.

What Is A Personal Identification Number And From Where One Can Get It?

PIN is personal identification number which is unique. Everybody can get this number from his or her gift card, located on backside on right bottom side.

How One Can Redeem A Gift Card Online?

if the value of order is less than or equal to total value of gift card then no amount will be charged for credit card but if value of order is greater than total value of gift card then company will charge the balance of order to card at shipment time.

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